Couples Therapy

What Causes People to Pursue Couples Therapy

There are many reasons couples can pursue going to couples therapy. Whether a couple is together for a few months or years, there can still be problems in a relationship. From these problems, couples choose to get professional help to find a solution and heal their relationship. Continue reading to learn more about what causes people to pursue couples therapy


One of the biggest reasons people pursue couples therapy is due to infidelity within the relationship. Once trust is broken in a relationship, rebuilding trust in your partner can be difficult. Infidelity can stir up many emotions such as anger, betrayal, hurt, resentment, and more that can’t always be healed or resolved. When both partners in the relationship are committed to healing their relationship after infidelity, seeking professional help and going to couples therapy is often successful for couples. Even after experiencing infidelity, some couples grow stronger once healing their relationship. 


Communication in a relationship is always important. If there is a lack of or poor communication, this can lead to loneliness or distance in a relationship. Couples who struggle to communicate well with their partners can lead to hurting one another’s feelings and, without receiving help they may not understand each other’s needs in a relationship. Minimizing your partner’s feelings or dodging difficult topics throughout time can result in weakened relationships. Seeking professional help and pursuing couples therapy will allow communication to flow and bond the relationship.


Finances can add a lot of stress onto a relationship. Whether it is not having enough money, too much spending, not on the same page financially, etc. can tear couples apart. Without receiving help and communicating, the divide over money can worsen over time. Couples may benefit best from having both joint and separate bank accounts so money is dispersed evenly and fairly. Seeking professional help can assist couples in walking through the difficult money talks and resolve the issues being faced. 


Many decisions come along with parenting, difficult decisions. Deciding how to discipline children in the best way, how many children you want to have as a couple, etc. all of the parenting decisions you face may pose a challenge in a relationship. Parents may try to be the “favorite” parent creating competition, or overcompensating, these things can lead to a shift of hierarchy in the home. Being parents is about being a team together, not working against one another. Parenting is difficult and many face challenges through it, seeking professional help and going to couples therapy can heal not only the relationship but also the family and the home. 

Differences in Values

Couples may not always see eye to eye, and that is okay. But, relationships may need help working through their differences in values. Early on in relationships, couples may choose to overlook their differences and eventually have this catch up with their relationship. Or, values can change overtime. Regardless, a relationship can grow turbulent as a result of not seeing eye to eye. Pursuing couples therapy will guide a couple through learning how to live with value differences, as opposed to trying to change the other person in a relationship. 

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