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Topics You Can Expect to Discuss in Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is not something you or your partner should be embarrassed about. In premarital counseling, you will discuss different crucial topics that often cause conflicts in marriages. Discussing these topics before marriage can help make your overall relationship stronger now and in the future. Here are some of the following issues you should expect to cover in premarital counseling:

Marriage Expectations

Couples sometimes jump into a marriage without really discussing with each other what their expectations are. Some common expectations that cause disagreements include gender roles in the relationship, what commitment means to each party, goals for the future (career, location, etc.), religion, intimacy, etc. 


Another huge part of a marriage that many couples fail to talk about before getting married is if they want children or not. In some cases, this may be a dealbreaker for a relationship. In premarital counseling, we will also discuss parenting styles, the number of children you want, discipline, and so much more around this topic so that both individuals are on the same page.

Plan for Resolving Conflicts in the Future 

A significant part of premarital counseling that couples will take with them throughout their lives together is how to deal with disagreements and conflicts effectively. Disagreements will always happen in relationships, and that is not an indication that the relationship is unhealthy; how you and your partner deal with resolving that conflict will reflect on how healthy your relationship is. 


Sadly, money and finances are one of the leading causes of marriage issues and divorce. That is why it is so important for couples to discuss finances openly and honestly before getting married. Important topics to discuss include any debts, salaries, spending habits, joint accounts or separate, will you handle finances together or separately, etc. Establishing an understanding before you are married will minimize any conflicts in the future.

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