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Tips on Improving Communication in Your Relationship

Healthy communication with your partner is a crucial part of a long-lasting and strong relationship. However, many people struggle with communication in their relationships whether dating or marriage. If you and your partner have been having trouble effectively communicating with each other, here is a list of a few tips that can help.

Process Your Feelings First 

When people get upset over something, they often are quick to react. Rash reactions while you are very upset or angry can lead to unnecessary damage in a relationship. It is much better and healthier to take some time to think when you are upset about something before you talk to your partner. This time can allow you to process your feelings and calm down which will lead to a more effective way to express yourself. 

Talk about How You Feel Rather than Blaming

When talking with your partner it is very important to think about the way you are speaking to them. Many times couples will word their sentences in an accusatory tone, trying to point the blame at their partner. However, this is a very ineffective way to have a discussion with your partner. Rather than pointing the finger, just focus on telling your partner how you’re feeling using sentences that start with “I” rather than “You”. 

For example: Instead of saying, “You are always on your phone and you never pay attention to me” you could say, “I feel hurt and unnoticed when you are on your phone”.

Listen To Your Partners Feelings

Listening to what your partner says is just as important as expressing your feelings. Whether or not you agree with what your partner is saying, you have to listen to what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way.


Remember that arguments shouldn’t be a debate between partners to see who “wins”, but rather a discussion of how both sides feel. After both you and your partner communicate how you are feeling and listen to each other, you should resolve the disagreement with a compromise. 

What to Avoid While Communicating with Your Partner

After learning these effective communication strategies talked about above, here are some things you and your partner should avoid doing during disagreements:

  • Silent Treatment 
  • Yelling
  • Bringing Up Past Issues
  • Leaving 

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