Therapists in Boston

Therapists in Boston


Looking at the world today, it seems that everyone is stressed, some more than others. Every day, little problems grow more serious and, sometimes, the people involved hit a tipping point. For those feeling lost, confused and frustrated, TalkThinkThrive offers therapists in Boston to help restore balance and control.

In our decades of experience, we’ve noticed that so many people appear “normal,” but are battling with problems that sometimes even they have yet to realize. Specialized, targeted therapy is a powerful way to find clarity and direction.

Why Get Help from Therapists in Boston?

Living in and around the Greater Boston area, you will notice how stressful people’s lives are. It’s a city where people are so busy that it’s hard to distinguish whether people are suffering from stress or depression. This is why TalkThinkThrive was created, to help people, with busy lives, slow down so that you can disconnect to reconnect with yourself.

Not everyone is depressed, some people struggle with anxiety, relationship issues and sometimes serious thoughts of self-harm or suicide. When you get help from a therapist, you are entering into a journey towards understanding your life experience from a different lense. Licensed therapists in Boston can provide you with proven techniques to better improve your self-perception and enhance your outlook on life. TalkThinkThrive is committed to saving lives one conversation at a time.

Reasons to Begin Therapy

There are many reasons why people seek out help. The top 3 reasons includes people experiencing some level of depression, anxiety or self-esteem/body image issues. The cause? It’s usually the small things that are often overlooked, like a busy and hectic lifestyle. Even the weather itself, like extremely cold and long Boston winters, can cause or worsen such symptoms.

Clinical Depression

  • You are feeling sad for extended periods of time
  • You are losing or gaining weight unexplainably
  • You have lost or are losing interest in activities that you used to enjoy
  • You are sleeping more than you used to or have difficulty falling asleep
  • Your appetite has changed or shifted
  • You have become less physically active or lost your sex drive
  • You are easily irritated or agitated
  • You are fatigued or have lost your drive for work
  • You are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, worthlessness or self-criticism
  • You are persistently undecided about things
  • You are experiencing brain fog or you find it hard to concentrate
If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or a friend or loved one, TalkThinkThrive counseling services can help. Your call to TalkThinkThrive could be the first step towards a new life. With a team of qualified therapists in Boston, we’re ready to support you. We understand that depression is a priority matter and you work to ensure you are seen as soon as possible.


Oftentimes, depression walks hand-in-hand with anxiety. In fact, anxiety is one of the leading causes of depression. So, if you can effectively treat anxiety then you may be able to avert depression.

If you are suffering from anxiety, therapists at TalkThinkThrive are here for you. We are a highly trained group of experts with specialists in anxiety treatment. Not sure if you are struggling with anxiety, check out this list of symptoms:

  • You are in a state of constant fearfulness
  • You are feeling restless because of something you know, or something you cannot put your finger on
  • You are unable to relax
  • You experience rapid heartbeat with feelings of tension and excessive perspiration
  • You constantly feel uneasy
  • Your mouth gets dry
  • You have increased blood pressure
  • You constantly feel there is going to be trouble
People experience anxiety for any number of reasons, including self-esteem and self-image issues, trauma and PTSD, and postpartum anxiety or “baby blues.” We’re here to help diagnose your anxiety and will partner with you to treat your anxiety with practical solutions that really work.

Body Image and Self-Esteem Issues

Therapists in BostonYour self-esteem is the feeling that comes out of how you perceive yourself. For most people, it has nothing to do with how they really are; it is all about how they perceive themselves to be.

Our upbringing plays an important role in our self-image. In some cases, children, teens and adults who didn’t receive enough positive reinforcement while growing up may experience confidence issues. For others, self-esteem issues are driven by tragic experiences like a breakup, job loss or a failed business venture.

Low self-esteem often presents as feelings of inadequacy, failure or being a “screw-up” and it can affect every area of life from work to home. TalkThinkThrive counselors are here to help you increase and improve your self-worth.

To talk to any of our therapists in Boston MA, contact TalkThinkThrive. We also offer online sessions to make it easier for anyone who lives in or around the Greater Boston area who cannot visit our offices so they can also receive the support they need.

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