Premarital counseling

Questions to Ask in Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is known to help couples build and solidify their relationship before marriage. There is around a 30%higher success rate for married couples who engaged in premarital counseling. When joining premarital counseling, this doesn’t mean your relationship has problems. Attending counseling ensures that couples have a solid and healthy relationship before and after marriage. 

It is common for couples to overlook differences or misunderstandings when they’re heading into marriage. Also, when you think about it, many things aren’t discussed or learned about partners until after marriage. With the guidance of premarital counseling, couples can work through differences, discuss and learn new things, and build their relationship even more while in a safe environment. 

With the assistance of an experienced relationship therapist, premarital counseling is highly recommended. There may be specific questions you want to ask in counseling sessions. If you’re unsure what questions to ask or where to begin, continue reading this post to learn more!

Why Are You Getting Married?

In premarital counseling, it is essential to be open and honest. There can be many different reasons to get married, but having your relationship priorities match your partner is a step in the right direction. A therapist will most likely ask this question at the beginning of counseling sessions. Answering this question may be difficult; it requires serious thought about why you want to get married, what you’re looking to get from marriage, etc. 

How Would You Like To Help Your Fiancé Improve?

When asked this question, it is not to criticize your partner; it is about supporting your partner and helping them grow as a person! How this question is answered can say a lot about your future together in marriage. Pointing out your partner’s flaws is not the goal of this question. If your partner’s flaws were to go away, it’s important to think if you would both be happy as a result. Improvement can happen as a couple; you can guide and support one another and help each other grow.

What Issues Do You Disagree About?

In a relationship, it isn’t very likely for a couple to agree about everything. There have to be some disagreements, whether big or small, in a relationship. It is essential to talk about the things you disagree about with your partner honestly. Through premarital counseling, you will learn how to speak to one another with respect and feeling secure.

How Will You Manage Finances Together?

Finances can be the root of all evil in relationships and marriage. But, it doesn’t have to be. Agreeing with your partner about managing finances is essential. Whether you decide to have joint bank accounts, paying the bills, etc., what matters is that you will know before getting married that you agreed and worked out finances. Finances are often not spoken about as it can be an uncomfortable topic but, it is crucial to your relationship and marriage that it is spoken about.

Do You Want Children?

Before marriage, it is essential to know if your partner wants children and, if so, how many they want. Wanting and not wanting children can be a deal-breaker in relationships. Knowing the answer to this question before marriage is vital so it will not cause issues later on. Also, if you and your partner want children, there are many further questions and decisions to be made together. Deciding how to discipline, religion, education, and more for your future children are things to come to an agreement about. There are many questions that you will want answers to regarding children in premarital counseling. Working through these questions together and agreeing will build a great future family.

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