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How Premarital Counseling Can Help This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! Couples are getting ready to settle down, visit each other’s families, and take the next step in their relationship. The holiday season is cozy, but how do you know if you and your partner are ready for what lies ahead? With premarital counseling services, couples can prepare before they meet the family this holiday season. Set new goals for you and your partner for the new year, and create a new holiday tradition with premarital counseling. If you’re getting stressed this holiday season, and where you and your partner are, learn how premarital counseling can help!

Dealing With Family

The holiday season is a wonderful time to get engaged! Not only is it stressful to think about planning a marriage, but it can also be overwhelming trying to please the family on both sides. As a couple, you may try to split up the holidays and where you will celebrate each year. Whether you try to hit both families on the same day or plan to make it up to them on the next holiday, it can be stressful not to upset anyone. The holiday season is a time for family and making memories together. As a new couple or recently engaged couple, you may want to try and create new traditions of your own. Dealing with family and their thoughts on your relationship can bring added stress to the season. Get the help you need with a premarital counselor!

Individual Perspectives

Everyone has different opinions and perspectives on various topics and activities during the holiday season. What the holiday season means to one partner may not always be the same to the other. As a newly engaged couple or one planning to take the next step soon, learn to paint the picture of each of your perspectives. Creating new traditions with your partner can be stressful, but it should also be an exciting step as you both experience the holidays together. A premarital counselor can help you both see eye to eye and discover where your perspectives can align. It may be overwhelming trying to agree on holiday plans together this season, but with the help of premarital counseling, you can breeze through the chaos and enjoy every minute together. 

Creating New Memories

It may be hard to break traditions as a new couple, but it is important to start your own traditions and make new memories if you create your own little family. Discuss with your partner what you think of when you think of the holidays. What do you like to do, where do you like to go, what do you like to eat, and so on. This will help both you and your partner stay on the same page this holiday season, and try to plan accordingly to appease both your interests. If you are struggling with which family’s house to go to and how to deal with that safely, a premarital counselor is here to help you learn to create new memories without hurting previous relationships. 

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Omar Ruiz, LMFT, owner and licensed marriage and premarital counselor at Talk Think Thrive, is here to help you and your partner this holiday season. The holidays can bring added stress and excitement to your current relationship and its challenges. Learn how premarital counseling can help you this holiday season so you can enjoy every moment and create new memories. Request a free 15-minute consultation with Omar by contacting us today!

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