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What is Family Therapy Boston services?

Family is everything. Most of us would do anything we could to keep our family members healthy and happy. Sometimes, a problem affecting one family member can have a serious ripple effect, impacting other members of the family. Omar A. Ruiz, LMFT (owner of TalkThinkThrive, PLLC) offers family therapy Boston services that can help families resolve issues and manage circumstances affecting their family’s health and happiness. Learn more about our family therapy services in Boston, MA below, and request a free consultation with Omar today!

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Family Therapy Boston Services Helps Families Mental Health

Most of us can easily tell when we have a fever or stomach discomfort. Even better, we often know just what to do to address these health conditions. We’ll take medicine and rest and often will be well again.

A family’s mental health is a different ball game. Some homes are battlegrounds and others are akin to a duck in a storm—calm on the surface, but paddling underneath, creating ripples all around them. A loved one may appear calm and collected but everyone might miss the paddling that’s hidden out of their sight. Sometimes, it’s these “out-of-sight” things that end up affecting the entire family.

In other families, a mother may struggle to juggle her career and taking care of a newborn. Or a husband might be dealing with the loss of a job. A daughter or son may be weathering the effects of adolescence. The list can go on, with each family enduring their own kind of trial.

Raising a family (and, sometimes, just being a part of one) comes with responsibilities. As a couple, you need support through the ups and downs of a married life. As parents, you need help raising your kids (and extra help if you have kids with special needs). Your children need support, too, as they discover themselves, interact with one another, cope with major changes or adjustments, navigate the maze that is life.

As a licensed family therapist, Omar is here to help families recover, adjust and move on after a disaster, as they find their “new normal.” From welcoming a newborn, to learning to live through major life changes or developments – starting family therapy Boston services can ease your transition and provide healing.

When To Seek Out Family Therapy Boston Services?

There’s no one support or intervention that fits all when it comes to a family’s mental health. Omar brings a professional mindset and a set of skills that you simply may not have. Don’t feel obligated to handle family trials and transitions on your own—let Omar help you & your family.

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Who Benefits From Family Therapy Boston services?

Because a problem that affects one family member impacts everyone else in the family, family therapy will always benefit everyone in the family, even if it’s just one parent and their child. Based on this approach, family therapy is typically designed to be practiced with the family as a unit, not simply targeted to family members as separate individuals.

By design, family therapy Boston services recognizes the need to help one member for the good of everyone. Family counseling sessions generally take a holistic approach, incorporating the entire family, as opposed to a quick-fix route that addresses only one problem on the surface.

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When Can Family Therapy Boston Services Help?

  1. Solving conflicts in a relationship – between couples or parents.
  2. Helping kids with behavioral or school-related problems.
  3. Resolving sibling rivalry by helping them get along – especially if they are about the same age or are going through a difficult stage in their life, like adolescence roller coaster.
  4. Supporting a family member who is living with a chronic or long-term mental or physical illness, including depression, and drug and substance abuse.
  5. Resolving internal and external relationship issues.
  6. Dealing with various growth and development challenges or issues facing children.
  7. Promoting work-life balance, finding workable solutions to job problems that often include stress or problems at work, and dealing with unemployment.
  8. Navigating the difficult times like the loss of a loved one, or surviving a natural crisis or accident.
  9. Dealing with sudden change, such as an accident that leaves a family member dependent on others, relocating to a new city, or incarceration of a family member.
  10. Adjusting to a new addition in the family—newborn, foster or adopted child, or a relative from the extended family.
  11. Handling divorce, couple conflict, abuse, communication problems, and more.

How Each Member of The Family Can Benefit From Family Therapy

Raising a family is never going to be easy and being a member of a family can sometimes be a struggle. For those struggling to find balance and healthy relationships in their families, family therapy boston services (both as family and individual counseling) can help address each individual’s needs and problems by identifying and treating the root causes. This is the surest way to achieve holistic healing for a family, whether it’s just one or several members affected. Learn below how each member of the family can benefit from family therapy sessions!


Children, however small, can experience anxiety, get depressed, and suffer emotional trauma or abuse. Family therapy can be a powerful tool for improving mental health, resiliency and overall well being in kids. Counseling helps children overcome anxiety and family-based issues while equipping the rest of the family with skills to support them and help them cope, when needed.

Teenagers or Adolescents

This stage presents a lot of challenges in homes and schools. For some families, adolescence brings unique challenges that can be difficult—if not impossible—to resolve on their own. From low self-esteem to identity crises and from peer pressure to drug use and abuse, there are a number of circumstances and life choices that can be managed and overcome with the support and guidance of Omar’s help.

Parents and Couples

A dysfunctional relationship between co-parents negatively impact the entire family. Whether or not parents hide disagreements by keeping their issues to themselves, kids can always tell when something is amiss.

Online & In-Person Family Therapy Services in Boston

In-Person Family Therapy

Omar offers in-person family therapy so families can leave their house and enter an open and safe environment to talk.

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Telehealth Family Therapy

Omar continues to offer telehealth family therapy services for families that may be more comfortable at home.

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Book A Session With Our Family & Marriage Counselor in Boston

Omar is a skilled and experienced family therapist in providing strategies for better communication. Sometimes, this is all that stands between your kid and their ideal self. In developing TalkThinkThrive, PLLC, Omar created a family therapy boston services as a way to allow you get to the support you need as a parent.

For couples and co-parents struggling with relationship issues, family therapy boston services can help tackle the underlying problem, equip them to better communicate, and prevent their struggles from negatively affecting their kids. Instead of a home being a haven, kids from broken and dysfunctional families associate home with insecurity, fear, and guilt. To keep your home safe and your children well, book a session with Omar today.

Which is why Omar designed Couples Therapy Boston services as counseling platform to be inclusive to relationships of all kinds. Don’t you think it’s worth trying therapy to build a solid foundation for your relationship that endures through times of disagreement or serious turmoil?

Schedule a therapy session today and take your relationship to a better place.

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