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Couples Therapy

Nearly every couple goes through ups and downs, each with their fair share of relationship strain. How those moments—the good ones and the bad ones—are handled can make or break the relationship. Our Boston Couples Therapy service is a tool for mending negative interaction cycles that are causing an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. No romantic relationship is perfect nor immune to challenges. It doesn’t matter how you started off, people face moments of interpersonal conflicts, arguments, or find that they are just drifting apart from one another.

Despite your best intentions, conflict may arise from a busy and disconnected lifestyle. Like many couples, you could try to resolve the conflict yourself. But oftentimes, your own efforts can’t compare to that of getting help from a licensed couples therapist. With the guidance of an objective third-party, couples who decide to work with TalkThinkThrive often see results within a couple of days or weeks, depending on the nature of the conflict.

Does Your Relationship Have a Weak Foundation?

For some, marriage is a goal. For others, it’s their standard. Either way, there are a number important questions, issues and grievances that couples should proactively deal with, especially if they plan to get married. As you build your relationship, topics such as finances, children, in-laws, housing, and responsibilities may not be on your to-do list. Maybe you’re worried that by talking about things you might come across as desperate, needy or even clingy. However, by avoiding these conversations, you’re building a weak foundation

Premarital Counseling... Therapy Before Marriage?

Couples who haven’t had these important conversations tend to have more—and bigger—problems once they’re married. Premarital counseling (counseling for engaged couples) helps couples address differences and create a plan for managing conflict as they prepare for marriage. TalkThinkThrive offers Boston couples therapists who provide tools and conflict resolution skills to fall back on, when the inevitable issues arise after marriage. You’ll be better equipped to deal with challenges when you take the time to acquire the techniques for managing them from a licensed therapist, before you settle down with someone.

Is Couples Counseling Right for my Relationship?

Now, what if you’re already married or you and your partner have no intentions of getting married? Life’s challenges are frequently part of any relationship, married or not.

Which is why TalkThinkThrive has designed couples therapy services to be inclusive to relationships of all kinds. Regardless if you need marriage counseling or couples therapy, it’s worth building a solid foundation that endures through times of disagreement or serious turmoil.

The Top 3 Reasons People Start Couples Therapy

Did you know? Couples therapy isn’t just for marriages or romantic relationships that are in crisis. Aside from premarital counseling, which sets the stage for a smooth matrimony, our team of Boston-based counselors and couples therapists serve a diverse community of clients. Clients seek our help for a number of reasons, but all with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier, happier relationship.

1. Sexual Issues in a Relationship

Sex is a major component of any healthy relationship. Each partner needs to have his or her sexual needs satisfied to feel an intimate bond. And whether you know it or not, the quality of your sex life has a tremendous impact on both your physical and emotional health. Partners complain of being deprived of this physical component and finding themselves in emotional turmoil. Others, too, become victims of their partners’ past sexual experiences, and find it difficult to resolve without expert help.

The experts at TalkThinkThrive use a structured approach to address each couple’s intimacy issues. Ideally, a combination of techniques are applied to identify exactly what is getting in the way of a healthy sex life. With this approach, we can find and administer the appropriate strategies, based on a set of counseling principles, that help partners achieve a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

2. Communication Problems Between Couples

Multiple personal surveys and academic statistical research suggests that communication problems are a leading cause of divorce. In our practice, we’ve found that couples register a wide variety of complaints about their partners’ communication tendencies. Many clients have shared that they divorced their partner because of communication patterns that developed into consistent issues.

They’ve described the nagging and complaining that were the primary reasons their marriages ended. Others have said that they divorced because they felt unappreciated by their partners. Still, others complain of their partners’ failure to validate their opinions and feelings, leading to separation.

With proper communication being the fabric that holds together any romantic relationship or marriage, couples therapy has been designed to teach couples how to communicate with one another in a manner that works. Following counseling, you are able to make a conscious choice of communication style that works best for you relationship. This helps couples improve their communication, achieve better mutual understanding, and create a healthier and more stable relationship.

3. Finding Trust After an Affair

Relationships and marriages run into snags. Sometimes, it’s due to unfaithfulness and broken trust. Once trust is lost, suspicion sets in and it can be terribly difficult for couples to make it through to a resolution. Unfaithfulness in marriage or any romantic relationship can be extremely damaging and hurtful. Without expert help, couples may drift apart and end up separated. Even the most broken marriages can be saved, especially if the partners have reasons and willingness to make it work.

Couples therapy provides a safe place to begin the conversations that lead to meaningful and practical ways to navigate the aftermath of unfaithfulness. For recovering couples, TalkThinkThrive counselors offer a healing space on their journey toward resolution.

While attending marital counseling individually is an option, better results are achieved when both people attend therapy as a couple, if it is safe to do so.

The couples therapy model used at TalkThinkThrive is the result of years of careful research. It’s intended to provide couples with a realistic chance of creating a better relationship, following an episode of infidelity.

If a couple decides that separation is the most prudent alternative, following the very last effort to make things work, couples therapy can help equip each partner with the right insights to make future relationships healthier and better.

An experienced counselor can help the partners minimize impact to loved ones, including children, and provide guidance and direction for navigating the new phase as a family. In such a case, therapy can be extremely instrumental in helping you end the relationship in the least hurtful and most respectful manner, so that you’re both happier thereafter.

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couples therapy bostonThe team at TalkThinkThrive will work tirelessly to get to the root of the issues that you are facing and will help you clarify what each of you truly wants. Then, we’ll reestablish closeness and connection where it has been lost, help you navigate your new stage in life, and provide ongoing support for struggles with a crisis or major life change. It’s what we do. We’ve helped many couples overcome their differences and save their relationships right on the verge of separation – just when they thought all hope was lost.

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