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Building Trust in a Relationship

Having trust within your relationship is essential. Trust is the act of placing confidence and being able to depend on someone or something. Trust is known as the foundation of every relationship. Without trust in your relationship, there is fear and anger. So, there are specific ways to build confidence in a relationship so that you’re able to be confident and happy. Continue reading to learn about how to build trust in a relationship. Contact Talk Think Thrive today if you’re facing trust issues in your relationship and are seeking counseling!


Communicating effectively in a relationship is an essential factor in building trust. When communicating with your partner, it is necessary to talk about any problems rather than sitting on them or ignoring them. Speaking personally and verbally is known to strengthen the bond in relationships. Try to steer away from communicating via email or text as face to face is more personal and direct! Communication is key to building trust in a relationship.

No Secrets

How can there be trust in a relationship if there are secrets? Rather than keeping secrets in a relationship, it is critical to be transparent with your partner. If you are trying to build trust, there should be no secrets or compromised honesty. To have trust within a relationship, there should be complete transparency and open-mindedness! Secrets are known to break up relationships, so it is essential to be truthful with your partner to build trust!


Another way to build trust in a relationship is to have clear boundaries set together. This is important, so no one is overstepping any boundaries. Having these boundaries set helps explain what you are and are not comfortable with within your relationship! In a relationship, understanding your partner’s limitations is helpful when it comes to building trust.

Keeping Promises

Broken promises can lead to a broken relationship. Part of building trust in a relationship is always to keep your promises to your partner. Often, the small things that you promised to get overlooked. Keeping your promises about the small things can be just as important as the big things! Trust is earned and built through these small acts. Remaining thoughtful and accountable towards your partner is essential. 

Take Responsibility

Lastly, when building trust in a relationship, you need to take responsibility for your actions! It is common to shift the blame rather than taking responsibility. Learning to trust within a relationship requires partners to take responsibility for all actions! Knowing when you were wrong, did something wrong, etc., it is essential to own up to it instead of shifting the blame or keeping it a secret. Taking responsibility goes hand-in-hand with no secrets, keeping promises, and more! Hold yourself accountable and be responsible, and you can build trust in a relationship

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