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About TalkThinkThrive

Omar established TalkThinkThrive as a relationship counseling service offered either online or at his office located at 11 River Street in Wellesley, MA.

Omar’s focus is providing his clients with a safe space to explore, reflect and create steps towards achieving your goals. Omar comes ready to help you and those you care about make the changes necessary to have a better life.

Omar facilitates reflective conversations while being genuine in his efforts to collaborate with local community partners, service providers and most importantly, his clients.

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Working hard to deliver action plans & concrete solutions towards change.


Real conversations with real people. Striving to breakdown the stigma of therapy.


Connecting with those in the lives of our clients to ensure continuity of care.


Providing the best experience through our professional training & knowledge.


A conversational experience that will change the way you think.

Omar is a licensed professional with 10+ years of experience supporting people and their loved ones. You will receive effective strategies to create fruitful and healthier lives.

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Virtually Anywhere

Wherever you are, Omar is ready to help and meet with you online.

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Your Life

Consider Omar as a helping hand to the problems you face; your process, your life.

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Top Professional

10+ years of experience with a variety of mental health training & expertise.